Due to the increasing quality of sealing of private objects, air quality and increased moisture in these buildings have recently become a problem.

That’s why we have developed whole-house ventilation systems which ensure:

  • Economical energy consumption (equipment with flat or rotational heat exchangers)
  • Air filtration
  • All the required additional equipment (heat pumps, additional heating, cooling, moisturizing, ...)

These systems are most often installed in new buildings or during renovations.

The system can be designed to function as a:

  • Ventilation system using heat exchange and electrical heaters to cover for the object’s heat losses; or
  • Air or water electrical heating system and/or compressor-based cooling. When functioning as a heating system, the system is connected to the existing boiler or heat pump; when used for cooling purposes, it is connected to the external compressor unit. When connecting the system to a heat pump, we recommend the use of a high-temperature pump.

Both systems can also be connected to a earth-to-air collector which additionally reduces energy consumption.

  • It is also possible to install individual ventilation units for separate rooms, in which case individual units are used for rooms with surface areas of up to app. 40 m2. Such a solution is especially suitable for objects which are already in use and where new ductwork installations are not possible. A one-phase electrical connection is all that is required.

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