Regulation systems

In order to function properly, every air conditioning system needs a high-quality regulation system with an easy-to-use interface and well thought-out parameters; these make sure that the system functions in accordance with the user’s expectations and that it is energy efficient. Regulation systems comprise of controllers, motor engines, detectors, and sensors.

In order for regulation systems to function properly and have a long life span, it is essential to constantly control and monitor all the elements, and perform regular maintenance of all the devices controlled by the system.

Introducing the third generation Corrigo
More powerful and faster than ever before

We now launch the third generation of Corrigo ventilation – our best-selling series of flexible controllers for building ventilation applications. The new generation Corrigo controllers are available with or without display. Whether they are to be used stand-alone or completely integrated in a network is entirely up to you.

A few of the news in Corrigo

- New housing and blue display
- Greatly improved processing power
- 5-20 times faster communication speed
- Supports communication via BACnet
- Up to 3 communication ports
- External and internal display can be used at the same time
Would you like to get to know the details?

There’s much more than the news above. The third generation Corrigo has evolved in numerous ways and in many details. Would you like to know more? Download the product sheet here.
Use our cloud service – access your controllers via the web

CLOUDigo is an extremely practical cloud service. It enables you to connect a Corrigo with integrated web server in order to view and administer all facilities. The only thing required is an Internet connection via a network cable or 3G modem.
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