We offer you installation, delivery and maintenance of air conditioners for:

  • residential use
  • commercial use
  • special use (precision cooling)

Air conditioners provide cooling, heating and dehumidifying of your home, offices, shops ... Air conditioners has recently become even more efficient, due to new European legislation,  and are among the most efficient heating as well as cooling devices. From 1 January 2013, only units with minimal energy label marked A, may be imported into and produced in Europe.

Compared to other heating / cooling systems are air conditioners extremely easy to install, due to the relatively thin pipes.

Wall mounted air conditioners are usually installed on the wall just below the ceiling. Such devices are the most common and least expensive. Wall systems offer a variety of features such as humidity control, silent operation for the bedroom, a motion detector to limit direct blows, internet connection, control over smart phone, air purification, cooling to low outdoor temperatures for server rooms and other.

Floor air conditioners have the appearance of radiators and are mostly installed under the windows, and where installation of other units is not possible (attics and other height-restricted walls). Some devices have the possibility of attachment to the floor and are suitable for installation in front of glass walls and windows. They provide additional classical method of heating by convection – like model Nexura.

Ceiling air conditioners are used when using the wall mounted unit is not possible or is desired that the device is less visible. Ceiling systems are larger and are therefore used in areas where there is need for a higher capacity heating and cooling. There are also units with 4-way blow, with the possibility of the closure of the two flaps, adjusting the blowing between 0 and 60 degrees and the air flow distribution for ceiling heights up to 3.5m without loss of capacity.

Flexible units allow installation on ceiling or low on the wall. They have smaller dimensions and are contrary to the ceiling units used in apartments and other small spaces.

Cassette systems are built, partly hidden in the ceiling and allow us the best temperature distribution due to the 4-way blow out. Daikin presented in 2011 unit with a circular flow that is an upgrade of the the 4-way blow out and are unique in the market. There are different sizes, from small separate units that are suitable for installation in a suspended Armstrong ceiling and larger units with a width of mounting 840 x 840 mm. Daikin has developed a self-cleaning panel, which saves up to 50% energy. Of course it is possible to close any site of the blow-out with the supplied remote control, so you don´t need to change the location of the inner unit in case of reordering the room. Optionally you can install infrared sensor, which provides an even temperature distribution between floor and ceiling.

Duct air conditioners are used when we want to hide the device in suspended ceiling or attic. One indoor unit can also be used for heating and cooling several rooms simultaneously. An additional advantage of the built-in units is less dust and so further purification is not required.

Multi split systems allow us to cool and heat two or more spaces with a single outdoor unit. Daikin offers three multi split systems:

  • Classical multi split for 2 to 5 indoor units and the capacity of the outdoor unit to 9 kW.
  • Super multi plus for 2 to 9 units, and the capacity of the outdoor unit up to 25 kW.
  • Commercial multi-split for shops, bars, hair salons and two-story areas, with the possibility of up to four indoor units with higher power.

All indoor units are controlled individually and doesn’t have to be placed in the same space.

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